Marked Playing Cards

Marked playing cards work as the most practical and common way to make poker magic, which is often used to cheat for gambling games or card tricks. If you play poker games a lot, you should know about them, which will help you increase the winning odds, at least will protect you from being cheated during the games.

What are marked playing cards?

Historically, the first attempt to alter the poker cards in a method only apparent to marker or conspirator was by bending, adding visible marks to a card deck. The fatal shortage of the traditional decks is that your opponent across the poker table can see the cards marking as well.

For better effect, the poker cheaters tried to alter the designs on the obverse sides of cards by using various inks, pigments, and scratches to add or remove backside lines or patterns.

Technology brings good news. Marked playing cards with invisible ink are super popular once they came out. Different from traditional ways to mark poker cards by original marker, the recent high-end card printing technology has brought the quality of marked decks to a much higher level.

In general, there are three main types of marked playing cards for sale.

The first type is invisible ink marked deck of cards, which refers to a deck of cards that has processed in UV invisible ink on the back. The particular chemical liquid based upon chemical and optical scientific principles has applied this time. With the use of this ink, markings on poker become invisible to the naked eyes. Only with use of the invisible ink readers, its unseen marks can detect.

The second is the infrared marked decks. This kind of decks uses different card marking ink. Therefore they need the special playing cards reader kit, infrared camera. They apply to the people who run a poker room or poker club. One IR marked cards camera can monitor several poker tables.

The third one is the barcode marked deck of cards. This kind of poker decks is different from the others. The marks are on the four sides instead of on the back of the cards. The secret card markings look like the bar code and need to be read by the phone scanning system.

How to detect marked playing cards?

UV contact lenses and luminous ink sunglasses are used to read the invisible ink marked playing cards. Infrared poker camera is the only to detect the IR marked deck of cards. Poker analyzer is the device to predict the poker winning hands by scanning the barcode cards. Without the suitable poker cheating tools, people cannot see these marked cards because human eyes cannot receive the wavelengths of light reflected by the invisible ink.

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