how to read marked poker cards

How to Read Marked Cards?

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The key to a successful deck of marked playing cards is that no one but the deck owner can spot an unusual in the card deck. It looks the same as a regular deck. So how do we read and identify the hidden values and suits of the marked playing cards?

If you have a preliminary understanding of professional marked cards, you should know that there are 4 types of marked poker cards today. They are distinguished because of the different forms of markings. Therefore, they need to rely on various rules, devices, or readers to present the marking information.

Magic Cipher Marked Cards

The markings of the cipher deck are hidden in the back pattern of the playing card. This kind of deck is trendy among magicians—no need to resort to any tools to read them.

how to read magic marked cards

Most people cannot tell the difference between a cipher deck and an ordinary deck without knowing it. Moreover, even if they know in advance that one of the decks is marked deck, there is no way to recognize where the mark is at the first time. Therefore, we only need to keep in mind the rules and laws of decryption, and then we can easily read them. Generally, the marks are hidden in the upper left-hand corner and bottom right corner of the back pattern, and they are tiny. So if you want to use them in a poker game to try to see through your opponent’s hand, unless you have extraordinary eyesight, it’s almost impossible.

But if it is only used for card magic shows, the cipher playing cards are easy to recognize and low sale price; it is the best-marked deck for magicians.

Use Contact Lenses to Read Marked Cards

Buying a pair of infrared contact lenses to see through marked playing cards can effectively increase your winning rate in poker games. Of course, poker sunglasses with the same principle as infrared contact lenses can also achieve the same effect, but wearing sunglasses indoors is likely to be suspected by other players.

reading marked cards by infrared contact lenses

It should be noted that the marked playing cards specially used for infrared contact lenses are marked with special invisible ink. Our company’s professional invisible ink markings are entirely invisible to the naked eye. And our infrared contact lenses fit perfectly with your pupils; no one can find that your eyes are endowed with magic power.

One to One Camera to Read IR Marked Cards

Contact lenses marked cards are becoming more and more widely known, so safety is reduced. For example, someone knows that you can buy a pair of low-priced infrared poker sunglasses to detect if someone cheats with a marked deck in the game. To this end, we have developed a marked card that only a specific infrared camera can read. To this end, we have developed a type of marked playing cards that can only be read by a specific infrared camera called one-to-one infrared camera marked cards.

infrared camera marked cards

Install the infrared camera in closed-circuit television, ceiling lamp, or wall painting, and it will transmit the infrared marked cards captured by the real-time video to the screen.

Scanning Camera to Read Barcode Decks

The three kinds of markings for marked cards mentioned above are all on the back of the card, and the following type of markings are on the side of the card.

how to read barcode marked cards

Barcode marked deck is to print invisible barcodes on the side of the deck. It needs to rely on the barcode scanning camera to read the marks. Then the scanning camera sends the information to the poker analyzer. When you are playing Texas Hold'em, the poker analyzer can calculate the received information and then directly report the game's final result to you.

In the past, you had to have both a poker analyzer and a scanning camera to read barcode marked cards. Now, the poker analyzer has a built-in scanning camera. As a result, you can place the analyzer on the poker table and scan the barcode deck within the scanning distance.


Let's summarize the 4 items above on how to read marked cards.

  • For cipher magic marked deck, we only need more training to master the rules, and we can read the card value in a short time.
  • For contact lenses marked cards, just buy a pair of high-quality infrared contact lenses.
  • For infrared camera marked cards, contact us to customize a one-to-one camera lens.
  • For barcode marked cards, buy a poker analyzer mobile phone, and you can also buy an external scanning camera according to the actual situation.

Science and technology make the marked cards multi-faceted. Different types of marked playing cards are read in different ways. For this reason, they make poker games more strategic and give players more fun.

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