Poker Analyzer

Poker analyzer is a high-end poker cheating device. Installed with a high-speed processor and endowed with perfect analytical capability, the phone analyzer system can report 100 percent correct result to poker player within 0.1 second. It plays an increasingly important role in the playing card games market due to its vast practicality and usage.

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What is the working principle of the poker analyzer?

The local camera of the wireless poker scanner detector system will scan the barcode marking cards within the best scanning distance firstly. And then, the cards scanning camera can transmit the barcode image to the phone analyzer. Only after receiving the barcode image, the poker winner predictor can conduct the result to a poker player via a mini spy earpiece.

In the first place, the poker analyzer features more accuracy and faster speed. Inside the poker scanner detector, a wireless card camera is fixed to scan the barcode image at a relatively rapid rate. Also, the barcode is much more precise compared with the other cheat cards devices, which attributes to the newest HD locate scanner. The scanning distance between the phone analyzer and marked cards can be as long as 20 - 40 cm, 25 - 45 cm, 20 - 80 cm, or even longer if you need. Different brands are available, AKK poker analyzer, CVK the code cards reader, PK scanner system, and so on.

In the second place, the poker hand analyzer is the same as the ordinary phone form the outward appearance. iPhone, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, NOKIA, and other kinds of phones brands are available in our online shopping mall. It is much safer to use it because no one would detect your phone hand reader. The latest poker card analyzer not only works as a poker winner predictor, but also works as a typical smartphone that can go online, make phone calls, and so on.

In a word, our phone analyzer is with top security, perfect accuracy, fast speed, easy operation as well as powerful functions.