Poker Tricks Video Demo

What kind of poker tricks products we have? Marked cards and contact lenses are the necessary merchandise; the advanced products are poker analyzer, poker scanner camera. And there are other cheating accessories, such as remote control dice, induction dice, stable dice, and exchanging cards tools. The following are the demonstration of these poker tricks devices.

Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards

Luminous Ink Bee Cheating Poker Cards Video

Invisible Ink Marked Copag Texas Holdem Video

Invisible ink marks are a type of modern cards marking. Compare with the traditional marking cards (bending, tinting, or altering the back pattern of cards), and modern invisible ink cards are more technical and professional. They look like the standard cards that you can see nothing with naked eyes, while the traditional cards markings are visible. Different back marking types are available. The two most common models are the big numbers in the middle of the cards and small marks on the four corners of the cards. These invisible marks indicate the values and suits of each card.

High-quality Invisible Ink Marked Cards Video

Marked Modiano Plastic Playing Cards Video

Cheating Cards Contact Lenses to Read Marked Deck

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses for Marked Cards Video

Invisible ink Sunglasses for Cheating Poker Video

Because human eyes cannot see the infrared ink marking, there come the infrared contact lenses. The secret is on the purple circle, and it will help our eyes to absorb the UV / IR light so that you can see the Invisible light. The reason why poker contact lenses are popular is that the invisible ink contact lenses will not change the color of the user's eyes. It means no one will notice that you are using poker tricks product.

Marked Cards Glasses to See Cheating Cards Video

Invisible Ink Marked Cards with Contact Lenses Video

Poker Analyzer & Scanning Camera

Poker Camera for Poker Analyzer in Texas Holdem Video

iPhone X Poker Analyzer for Marked Cards Video

Poker analyzer is a set of poker cheating device that can tell you the winners in Texas Holdem, Omaha, and blackjack games. It is a functional smartphone with poker cards analyzing system. Poker analyzer needs to use with a barcode marked deck of cards. After the built-in scanner reading the barcode marks, the poker winner predictor system will analyze the bar code image and reporting the winner, such as the best hand or the five community cards. If your place is not belonging to the scanning distance of the winning system, or it does not allow putting a phone on the poker table, the external scanning cameras can help you. We can install different scanning cameras into any carriers, such as car keys, power banks, chip trays, and so on.

Power Bank Poker Scanner Camera for Barcode Deck Video

Chip Tray Scanning Bar-code Marked Cards Camera Video

Cheating Dice Sets

Easy-to-use Remote Controlled Dice Video

Professional Loaded Dice with Fixed Points Video

If you can know the dice pip or control the dice pip, it would be a great help in any dice game. For the induction dice and talking dice, you can know the dice pip in advance, and for the remote control dice, loaded dice (weighted dice), and mercury dice, you can control the dice pip. How to choose these cheating dices is depending on your need. Please feel free to contact us for more information about these poker tricks devices.

Perspective Dice Cup for Dice Cheating System Video

IR Contact Lenses to See Marked Dominoes Video