how to cheat at blackjack

Blackjack, equally well known as another name - Twenty-one, with casinos springing up in every state, Blackjack gradually becomes one of the most popular poker games in the casino, its playing rules are simple, but it is a little bit difficult if you want to always get the upper hand...

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do x ray contact lenses exist?

Are there eyewear lenses that can see through regular playing cards? Do X ray contact lenses exist? No, there is no spectacle lens that can see through regular playing cards, and X-ray contact lenses do not exist. Maybe you saw some videos about x-ray contact lenses on YouTube. They just...

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the history of marked cards

When playing cards were invented in China during the Tang Dynasty around the 9th century AD, people began to study card tricks. Marking cards has always been one of the essential card tricks. Next, I will tell you what has changed in the way of marking playing cards from ancient...

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how to always win at dominoes

How to always win at dominoes? Maybe we can also say it as is there a strategy in dominoes? Marked domino is an anti-cheating device in the games; it is always for entertainment and magic tricks. As the professional and experienced supplier and manufacturer, our company marks the domino with...

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why do poker players wear sunglasses

Why do poker players wear sunglasses? That's because they can see through the cards with the sunglasses. If you want to know why the sunglasses can see through the poker cards, you should know about what are invisible ink marked cards at first. Invisible ink marked cards are originated from the traditional...

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how to cheat in texas holdem

Texas Holdem is one of the world's most popular poker game. If you want to master this game with our professional poker cheating device, you'd better get more information at first. This article will show you how to cheat in Texas Hold'em with the marked deck of cards and enjoy the card...

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how to make marking playing cards at home

Many people know nothing about marking playing cards at all, while in some places, marked cards are not any secret. Nowadays, people can easily search for some information such as articles and videos online as well. According to our technicians' skills and experience, there are some ways that we can try to...

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marking card in poker game

How do you mark a card in poker? It has been a hot issue in all these years among poker players. Although there are many articles of this type on the Internet, they are always too one-sided. However, this article will be answered as a technician with many years of experience...

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