Bicycle Marked Cards

Bicycle marked cards, for now, have been a significant and indispensable part of magic trick cards. Thanks to its fair cost and high quality, this brand of playing cards is loved by the majority of players and manufacturers. Our quality marked cards can use in many places, private party games, gamble cards games, magic shows, poker tricks, and so forth.

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Bicycle Magic Trick Marked Cards

No need to wear special lenses and learn code symbols and other marking systems. From beginners to professional magicians, anyone can use these Bicycle magic marked cards to perform amazing magic. It’s refreshing to use these cards, so it’s easy to be revealed.

Bicycle Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Invisible ink marking playing cards are currently the best hidden and most widely used marked cards. Here Bicycle paper cards with standard index or jumbo index, Bicycle plastic cards can be marked with high quality. All models of bicycle playing cards can be made into invisible ink marked cards.

Bicycle Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

For infrared contact lenses, they can be marked in three patterns: a big font in the middle, four small fonts on the corners, and the customized one. Our technicians will use the different inks and marking device to process the original Bicycle decks. So it is impossible for others to find any difference between marked Bicycle cards and unmarked ones.

bicycle marked deck of playing cards
marked deck of cards bicycle
marked bicycle deck with invisible ink markings
bicycle invisible ink marked cards

Marked Bicycle Cards for Scanner System

Apart from the Bicycle marked cards poker for infrared contact lenses, they also can be processed into marked cards that read by poker scanner system. Different from contact lenses marked cards, these cards are marked on the four sides. Our technicians design the barcodes, so no device can detect the marks unless you use the poker analyzer. Also, with invisible ink in the side code markings, our human eyes can't read Bicycle marked cards even with infrared contact lenses or poker cheating glasses.

How Bicycle barcode marked cards work?

Marked Cards Can Help You Win in Poker Game

Although there are many kinds of poker games in the world, Bicycle invisible ink marked playing cards can fully meet your requirement. For example, Texas Holdem poker game, you will know the best poker hand and the best second hand with the help of Bicycle barcode marked cards and poker cheating system. Like Blackjack and Baccarat, Bicycle contact lenses marked cards will show you each card with suit and number. All in all, based on your requirement, we are able to choose the most suitable marking pattern for you. Rather than increase our luck, why not select some cheating device to help yourself?

Taking security, quality, durability, and other aspects into consideration, our Bicycle marked cards are the most optimal choice for you when playing games.