Invisible Ink Poker Sunglasses

Invisible ink glasses are a kind of poker cheating glasses used to see through playing cards with invisible ink markings. So invisible ink glasses also called marked cards glasses. The working theory of them refers to the spectrum. Markings on the poker decks are impossible for people to see with the unaided eye, only with cards reader kit.

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Stylish & Functional Marked Cards Glasses

Different from the prescription eyewear we use in our daily life, the invisible ink glasses specialize in reading playing cards. They look like ordinary stylish decoration, which is much safer to use in the poker games, like Texas Holdem and Omaha.

First of all, there are several colors of invisible ink sunglasses, the typical purple color, and the new blue, brown, silver, and green, for men's and women's. People can choose different levels according to their needs, A level, also B and C level. High-quality marked cards glasses are suitable for people of different races to wear, more comfortable, and more convenient to wear even for a long time. The silver color is the most popular one for poker players, looks so cool. After you wear the poker reader glasses, you can know the secret marks of the invisible decks quickly, no matter yours or your opponents. What a beautiful view of the poker games!

Last but not least, our best invisible ink glasses can detect the cheating playing cards at the perfect clarity no matter at a close distance or a long-distance form 1 - 6 meters.

How can we have both fashion and function? The answer is simple, choose us, choose the best.