Copag Marked Cards

Our Copag marked cards are processed with invisible ink so that players can't see the marks without specialized poker devices. Generally, there are mainly two types of card markings used for Copag cards: invisible ink back markings for infrared contact lenses and invisible barcode side markings for poker scanning camera.

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About Copag Playing Cards

Copag cards originated in Brazil, are widely used in some leading professional casinos around the world. Most of Copag poker cards are plastic cards that have a better feeling and last 20-50 times longer than paper cards. The marking process won't change the quality of the cards. Therefore, more and more customers choose Copag marked cards, so that they have become one of the most popular marked cards.

In general, there are two main types of Copag marked cards. They are the most advanced marked playing cards with invisible ink marks. One requires a barcode marked deck scanner to detect, and the other requires marked cards contact lenses to see.

Invisible Barcode Copag Marked Cards

Barcode marked cards are those cards with barcode marks on the side and are invisible to the naked eyes. They need to work with barcode marked deck scanner (Poker Analyzer/Poker Scanner).

Before gambling, you need to equip with with a barcode marked deck, a poker analyzer and a marked deck scanner.

When the dealer finishes dealing with the cards and places the marked decks within the scanning range, the scanner will immediately detect the invisible ink marks and send data to the poker analyzer, you will know what playing cards other players hold and calculate out their best hands. It means that you can know who is the best winner in advance.

In the past, you won money sometimes depending on luck and skills. With Copag marked cards, poker strategy is insignificant; you don't need to guess the rankings and also win money easily.

Copag Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

The Copag marked cards for contact lenses have invisible marks printed on the card back. All the packages are the same as the original Copag cards, so no one can know that you are using marked cards. Only when you wear marked cards contact lenses, can you detect the invisible marks clearly. As to the secret invisible marks, big numbers in the middle and small marks in four corners are available, and there are also other customized markings for you.

The hottest Copag 1546 marked cards with invisible ink
Model 139 Copag marked cards for infrared contact lenses
4PIP Copag marked deck with small marks in four corners
100% plastic Copag marked cards for private games

All the invisible ink that we use is specialized. For different poker cards, we will adjust the proportion of the mixed ink, again and again, to find out the most suitable one. There will be no color difference between Copag marked cards and original cards. And we will use some unique material to spray on the backs of the cards, which can make them last longer and won't fade because of the water and air.

The best-quality Copag marked cards: Copag Texas Holdem marked cards with contact lenses

The video shows the vision of marked cards Copag Casnio after wearing contact lenses

Both of the above Copag marked decks are very suitable for private games. If you have the opportunity to install CCTV surveillance or ceiling lights for the gambling games room, then IR Copag marked cards allow you to win money without any worries. Neither infrared contact lenses nor poker analyzer can detect that you are cheating. More details about IR Copag marked cards (IR Marked Decks) can be found on this page.