About Us

We provide potent services for poker player, magician, or poker club, which including the establishment of poker cheating devices, poker analyzer systems, offer different poker cheat tools to read invisible ink marked cards and other services. Our technical staffs are not only experienced but also able to get reliable technical support from the company to ensure the regular operation for poker users.

Our Service Projects:

Poker analyzer system, poker scanning camera design for barcode marked poker cards, all types of marked playing cards, infrared contact lenses are for sale or poker cheating sunglasses, professional cheating dice process.

Sunshine Services:

Poker cheating devices are becoming more and more critical to poker gamblers or magic, and the liquidity of the poker analyzer system is also quite significant, so it is essential to ensure the stability of system maintenance or update. Our active management system and sincere service to customers can ensure the security of the poker scanner system and provide a reliable guarantee for the regular operation of different poker system of invisible ink marked cards for infrared contact lenses. What's more, we offer unique customer's designed service.

Our Commitment:

  • Commitment 1: Receive a repair call and quickly respond.
  • Commitment 2: Truly explain the cause of the failure and not deceive the customer.
  • Commitment 3: No charges, all repair prices are charged at market prices.
  • Commitment 4: For our reasons, the fault not resolved, and no fee will charge.
  • Commitment 5: The customer complaint is accurate, and all maintenance and repair costs are refunded.

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