Barcode Marked Cards

Using barcode marked deck of cards and poker analyzer scanning system, you will know the winners of Texas Holdem and Omaha in seconds.

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Poker Shuffler Camera to Read Barcode Marked Cards

Barcode marked cards are different from the others. The marks are on the four sides instead of on the back of the cards. The secret card markings look like the bar code and need to be read by the poker scanning devices.

In the beginning, manufactures were used to process playing cards with segment code. The popularity of barcode marked playing cards gave rise to the extensive use of poker card analyzer system. However, the disadvantage of marked cards with segment code troubled many players. Because the side code was difficult for playing card scanner to detect and analyze, which slowed the whole working speed and increased the entire working time of poker analyzer cheat.

After thousands of attempts, cyclic code marked decks were launched. This kind of barcode marked cards has been the best-marked cards for poker cheating scanners by so far. Since its cyclic code are much easier to read clearly.

What's more, barcode marked cards are compatible with all generations' poker analyzer systems and all kinds of scanner cameras. As long as the scanning distance between edge code marked deck and scanner is within the limit range, players and magicians can take advantage of poker phone analyzer well. Same as other types of marked cards, it is attainable to made different material playing cards into barcode marked cards for poker analyzing system.

As the professional supplier and manufacturer of barcode marked cards, our processed barcode decks keep the original color, shapes, and even touch feeling. The code marked decks keep the best barcode effect as long as one or two years. No matter how many time shuffling and dealing, their edge codes are still on the four poker sides completely and thoroughly.