how to cheat at blackjack

How to Cheat at Blackjack?

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Blackjack, equally well known as another name - Twenty-one, with casinos springing up in every state, Blackjack gradually becomes one of the most popular poker games in the casino, its playing rules are simple, but it is a little bit difficult if you want to always get the upper hand in the casino Blackjack. Hence, sometimes maybe we should seek help from others, like cheating. Today this passage will introduce some cheating ways used in Blackjack, but it is important to note that all of the cheating methods referred to in this passage are only relevant in land-based casino Blackjack play, not the online one.

Here are three common cheating methods that can be adopted:

  • Card Marking
  • Teamwork
  • Switching Cards

Card Marking - Cheating with Marked Cards in Blackjack

Marking cards is one of the methods that Blackjack cheaters have been known to use. By marking cards in some way, for instance, the simplest one is using fingernails or something sharp to scratch or bending directly the cards you want to mark. Of course, this method is simple but it can't be applied when there are several decks in a game since it can take a long time and is easy to be detected if you marked a great number of cards. In this condition, buying professional marked cards would be a better way.

At this time, using invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses or barcode marked cards for poker analyzer devices is a good choice for you.

Invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses, from its name we can know that the invisible ink markings print on the card back cannot be seen by our naked eyes, only when you wear corresponding IR contact lenses can you see the back marks clearly. The invisible ink marked cards contact lenses sold by Marked Cards Mall are suitable for any eye color, so it is difficult for anyone else to notice them.

cheating marked cards contact lenses for Blackjack

Barcode marked card deck also known as side marked deck, there are invisible barcodes on four sides of the poker deck, it should be used together with a poker analyzer mobile phone and can also be used with an external poker scanning lens, such as a cheating lens installed in the chip tray. When the hidden camera lens scans the side, you can get the information of every card, whether the value or suit.

Blackjack cheating scanner analyzer devices


In our daily life, forming a team to do one thing may be easier than doing it by oneself, this truth also can be applied in Blackjack cheating. The cheating method of the team consists of 2 or more players, every player will have different roles in the cheating plan which can include distracting the dealer, counting cards, handling the betting, or signaling the other participants.

There is no doubt that getting the dealer onboard is one of the most popular and effective means to cheat on the Blackjack game. If you can corporate with the dealer perfectly then they can pay you more than they should, they even can call a win when you have actually lost.

Switching Cards

Most poker players know that the phrase "I have an ace up my sleeve" is related to poker cheating - switching cards, as one of the oldest cheating means in the book. If you are really masterful cheater that you can switch the cards in your sleeve as quickly as you can when the dealer isn't looking. If you are not confident with your skill, don't worry, you can take the exchanging cards tools a try, which can be found on this website.


Something you should pay attention that once you actually employed any illegal techniques to get the upper hand in the Blackjack inside a casino means that you are breaking the law and can get into some serious, for example, would exactly meet criminal prosecution from the gaming authorities or governmental agencies. Hence, cheating at Blackjack requires some skill to perfect and one of the first rules of cheating in all poker games is that you shouldn't get caught doing it. If you get caught, it usually means that you are doing something wrong, or you've pushed your luck too far.