Invisible Ink Pen Kit to Mark Cards

Marking cards pen is a normal look pen with special invisible ink inside. Invisible ink pen kit to mark cards is always popular. We can easily search a lot of such cards marking kits online, including the luminous ink pens or invisible ink pens. Usually the invisible ink pen kit to mark cards refers to the special ink pen that can write marks on the playing cards and a pair of infrared sunglasses or contact lenses to see invisible marks.

Many guys look for such a set of products all over the world for its amazing function. From the video online, we can see that with the special ink pen people can write the invisible marks on the back of poker playing cards easily. What's more, only the special poker glasses can help to see the marks while we see nothing special without those marking cards reader kit. It is an ideal product if we can use that invisible ink pen to mark all our poker playing cards, for tricks, for fun, or for cheating in games.

Compare to the invisible marked decks online, a pen is not expensive and can mark many decks with our own design of marks. This is what most poker players think when wanting to buy such a pen.

However, can you make sure that a simple ink pen can mark your cards well with invisible ink that others can't see with naked eyes? There are sure some ink pen kits can mark some cards well but too difficult. On one hand, every kind of poker deck has a special design back and need a related ink to mark. On the other hand, even with suitable or right ink, not all people can mark the cards well for it needs skills. Every field has its master.

luminous invisible ink pen to mark cards

Professional Marking Machine with Invisible Ink

professional marking machine to mark invisible ink marked cards

In the past, the marking technology of playing cards was still immature. Markings on the poker cards was not good before, and the marks on the cards were also visible to our human eyes. To a certain extent, they did not play a functional role in helping players win the game. Therefore our company continued to improve our technology and launched a professional card marking machine with invisible ink.

The professional invisible ink card marking machine helps us to do well. During the card marking procedure, it is crucial to have a perfect machine for the cheating poker marking. Another essential element is the invisible ink to make sure no color difference. The interaction of the two can produce high-quality marking cards. When we look at the high-quality card with naked eyes, we can't see the marks at all.

3 types of invisible ink marked cards

With current technology, our card marking machine can make three types of invisible ink marked playing cards.

Professional card marking machine with invisible ink we provide is the best machine on the market. If you are playing poker regularly, our card marking technology is your ideal choice. You can contact us for customized marked cards, which can be used in different poker games. We are definitely your best helper.

How to Detect Invisible Ink Marked Cards?

Without the suitable poker cheating tools, people cannot see these marked cards because human eyes cannot receive the wavelengths of light reflected by the invisible ink.

UV / IR contact lenses and luminous ink sunglasses are used to read the invisible ink marked playing cards.

The special infrared marked cards camera is the only camera that can detect infrared marked deck of cards.

Poker analyzer is the device to predict the poker winning hands by scanning the barcode marked cards.

How to Distinguish The Best Marking Cards?

How to distinguish the best marking cards with invisible ink? We can analyze it in several aspects.

Whether the surface of the playing cards are clean or not

The good marked deck of cards is No stain and No spots. For the invisible ink needs to print on the back of the cards, it's easy to remain stains on the cards if the technician can not accurately control the temperature and timing of the printed machine. The professional technician will make sure there are no stains on the surface of the cards.

Whether the markings are clear or not

As we know, if we make markings on the back of the playing cards with invisible ink, the technician needs to mix the magic cards powder according to the back pattern, the color of the poker cards, and also the environment to play poker. And then arrange the card one by one to print the marking of suits and values on the back of the decks. If the proportion of ink is not correct, the marking will be too fain that you are unable to see it with marked cards contact lenses; or very strong that the marks will show up, and others can see the marks with naked eyes. The best quality marked cards are no different from the regular playing cards.

How long do the marking lasting

Normally, the permanent time of good marking cards is 5-6 months if you keep them well, for example, put them in a dark and dry place when you don't play the cards. The sealed marking cards are able to maintain about 2-3 years. While the lasting time of bad quality cards is about one week, or even shorter, like in several hours.

Quality Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Sale

When players purchase marked cards for sale, most of them will focus on the price. Their first question is always, "how much are they?" All people want to buy high-quality goods at a low price. But actually, price is concerned with the quality. As an old saying goes, Different prices, different qualities. It is the law of eternity.

In our company, all playing cards can be marked with high-quality luminous invisible ink. The marks can last for a long time. And they are evident when players wear invisible ink contact lenses. You can see the marks even if you stand several meters away. And marked poker cards for scanner have precise barcodes so that the analyzer can read it very quickly and accurately. But if the barcode is very obscure, the phone analyzer may report the wrong results. That will make you lose more money.

Besides high-quality ink, all our poker decks are imported from their countries of origin. After processing the procedure, the marked decks still look the same as the original cards. Players won’t see the marking on the cards under any light unless they use the special detection devices.

Moreover, our technical staffs are experienced and professional. They know different marked cards need different marking ways. They know how to mark the cards that can be clearer and last longer. So even if other companies use the same ink and cards with us, the marked cards are still different quality.

Our company is a professional marked cards supplier. Our marked cards for sale are very high-quality, which can significantly increase players’ winning odds in poker card gambling.

People will never stop pursuing perfect marked cards. Our online shopping mall is testing more high-tech cheating methods and also developing more advanced invisible ink marked cards. Welcome to follow us if you are looking for new products or latest information about marking cards with invisible ink.