Magic Marked Deck

Sure, your wizardry arsenal might already be full of sponge balls and comically long handkerchiefs. But what about a magic marked deck?
This prop for tricksters will revamp any magic routine you have up your sleeve. Explore our wide collection of the best magic marked decks to truly wow your audience.

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What Is a Magic Marked Deck?

Without a doubt, a magician will utter the words, “Pick a card, any card” sometime during their career. Card tricks are a staple in the magic industry, and a good trickster needs a trusty deck to perform their illusions.

Some illusionists use traditional decks containing 52 cards (labeled Ace through King and one for each of the four suits).

Most playing cards you'll find in retail stores don't have any special markings or indicators. A face-down card will be a mystery to the performer and audience alike.

However, a magic marked deck is different. This prop fools the audience into thinking it's a regular deck. But the owner of the deck knows better, as it contains secret markings on all the cards' backsides. These symbols let the performer know what's on the front-facing side, but the audience will be oblivious.

Note: No one should use a magic marked deck for poker play; because these secret markings hidden in the magic marked playing cards are always visible, it is easy for opponents to spot you cheating in the game. If you want a set of poker props that can be cheated in card games, you should browse our collection of poker cheating cards.

What Are the Benefits of a Magic Marked Deck?

Why not just stick with your trustworthy pack of Bicycles that you got from your local gas station? Below, you can explore all the benefits of a magic marked deck.


A true magician never reveals their secrets. The good news is that magic marked cards will help you maintain a sense of mystery. No ordinary onlooker will be able to figure out the marking system. Only an informed performer can pick up on their location and meaning.

Easy to Use

Some tricksters get overwhelmed performing complicated sleight-of-hand movements in front of a live audience. With a magic marked deck, you don't have to bring much expertise to the table. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the marking system beforehand. Then, you'll be free to perform as you please.

As a bonus, this prop is easy to bring with you wherever you go. You can busk magic tricks on the street to make a couple of quick bucks or wow your friends in any social setting.

This prop is perfect for a novice to gain confidence in front of an audience. Plus, a more experienced performer can even incorporate it into their routine to take a break from complicated misdirection tactics.

Impressive Tricks

Even though a magic marked deck is easy to use, it allows you to perform highly impressive tricks.

To give you an idea of this prop's mesmerizing powers, we'll provide you with an example of a potential trick. It goes like this:

  1. Shuffle the deck and have an audience member pick a card.
  2. Tell them to memorize it and place it face down on top of the pile.
  3. Pick up the deck and take note of the symbol.
  4. Shuffle the deck in any way you'd like, and allow your spectator to do the same.
  5. Tell your spectator you're going to read their mind.
  6. Say the number and suit of their selection out loud.
  7. Watch the amazement spread across their face!

Because of this prop's simplicity, you can focus on other aspects of your performance. Conduct your routines with this prop to practice your dialogue and delivery, and you'll become an impressionable performer in no time.

Fun Designs

We know, a trickster is known for his black and white hat and red cape — pretty basic colors. But with one of our magic marked decks, you can add some color to your routine.

We have cards in any color you can think of, from green to pink, and everything in between. We also have butterfly and lion designs for the more whimsical performer.

If you prefer to stick with something more recognizable, you can buy marked cards featuring the beloved Bicycle design.

What Are the Types of Magic Marked Decks?

Magic marked decks secretly inform the performer of any card's suit and numeric value. Learn about the two main types of decks below:

Reader System

The reader system is the most self-explanatory. All the cards will have two letters or numbers — the first for the numeric value, the second for the suit. All these codes will lie in a specific spot, such as each card's upper right-hand corner.

For example, if one card has an “A H” in the upper left-hand corner and bottom right corner, the front side will be an Ace of Hearts.

Cohort Reader System Marked Deck for Magic Trick

Coded System

The coded system is a bit more cryptic but nonetheless informative for the performer. It will use some kind of clue or code to display a card's value and suit. Different decks have different cipher rules.

For example, let's say the entire deck has a clock design on the back. There could be a small spot missing on the "six" hour number on a specific card, meaning it's the 6 of the card's value.

Bicycle Rider back marked playing cards with coded system

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