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The Best Way to Cheat at Poker

If you want to cheat poker, poker cheat cards are your best bet.

Since the development of poker in early 19th century America, cheating has been a widespread phenomenon. Indeed, cheating in or gaming a poker game is popular in many films, such as The Cincinnati Kid, The Sting, and Shade.

At its most basic level, to cheat poker can entail peeking at another player's cards or trying to hide chips when other players aren't looking.

At a more sophisticated level, players can cheat poker by colluding, meaning that they have shared tactics before the game and try to deceive other players during the game. Players can also try to stack the deck in advance so that they know which card will appear and can bet accordingly.

Perhaps the most common and effective way to cheat poker games, however, is by using poker cheating playing cards. These are decks with slight alterations designed to ensure that only a particular player or players can identify those changes and what they mean.

Marked Cards for Poker Cheating

Historically, cheating playing cards with alterations had subtle ways to allow players to get an advantage over their competitors. In fact, that is to mark playing cards.

These included making changes to the shape of the card, such as making one of the corners slightly smaller, or scoring — scratching marks — over the back of a card to indicate it is a particular number or suit.

In addition to the marks, unique patterns printed on the back of the cards might be recognizable only to the players privy to the design, which denotes the number or suit of the cards.

These methods might be enough to dupe the amateur poker player. However, more experienced and advanced players may be able to detect these types of cheating cards and figure out the cheats.

As a result, more sophisticated methods of card marking have developed that are less likely to be detectable even to an experienced player. On such method is invisible ink marked decks.

Invisible Ink Poker Cheat Cards

Many of our poker cheat cards are marked with invisible ink, meaning that you — and you alone — will be able to cheat in the game and cheat without being detected.

Invisible ink is a means of transmitting information by covert means. It's a practice that has been around since at least the 4th century BC when the ancient Greek writer Aeneas Tacticus mentioned it in his writings.

Historically, invisible ink was a practical solution in war and military operations, such as sending messages about military tactics or for prisoners of war communicating with the military on the outside. Substances such as vitriol, vinegar, and lemon juice were materials used to conceal secret messages. The recipient could use a range of means to reveal the messages, such as applying heat or adding different chemicals to change the color of the message.

Now, invisible ink is useful for a much wider range of applications, and the tools and methods have become much more sophisticated. Invisible ink is still something that intelligence services like the CIA and MI6 use for covert communications. A more common application of invisible ink is on poker cheat cards.

Invisible ink marked cards have become the method of choice to cheat poker. These cheating cards will have a message printed on the back that is impossible for other players to detect because it uses invisible ink that the naked eye cannot see.

These invisible ink cheating playing cards allow you to work out the number and the suit of a playing card before the dealer has dealt a hand. The result? You get an advantage over other players by being able to make safer betting decisions and increase the chances of winning the round.

Because of the relative success of this method of poker cheat cards, there is a wide range of invisible ink marked decks available on the market.

Infrared Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Infrared contact lenses, often referred to as poker contact lenses, let you view infrared markings printed on cards that would otherwise be invisible.

Infrared contact lenses marked decks have markings explicitly designed to be visible only to the wearer of these contact lenses. Invisible to the naked eye, those wearing the special lenses will be able to view the message printed on the back of the card with ease and can use the information to work out what card will appear next and how much they should stake.

Invisible Barcode Marked Cards

Barcode-marked cards are among the most modern, high-tech invisible ink marked decks on the market.

Barcode-marked decks contain a discreet coded pattern printed on the side of the card. The code is scannable using a covert camera, for example, on a mobile phone or the back of a lighter. This code is only legible when using a particular mobile app, which will then tell you the number and suit of the card.

Infrared Camera Marked Cards

Infrared marked decks have luminous ink printed on them, which is not visible to the naked eye. The markings on these cheating cards are visible with special infrared cameras, which let you view infrared light.

Infrared cameras allow you to view the markings on marked infrared cards from a long distance, so they are handy if you want to be able to see the markings at a distance away from the card table.

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