Poker Scanner Device Cameras

The poker camera is the most advanced poker cheating device in existence. It is a wireless camera hidden in different daily objects, used to scan the barcode marked cards and help the poker analyzer report the game's results. Moreover, the camera can read the marked cards instead of the local camera of the analyzer, so you don't need to put the poker phone analyzer on the table and cause any doubts.

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How Poker Scanner Camera Works?

Step 1

Before you start a game, you should connect the poker scanner camera with the poker analyzer phone since the barcode cards scanner camera is an input device without analyzing system.

Step 2

When you put the barcode marked cards on the deck within the scanning range, the poker scanning camera can use its camera and IR light to catch the barcode image within 0.1 seconds automatically.

Step 3

After catching the information, the poker scanning camera uses the light sensor to translate the optical impulses into electrical signals then send them to the poker analyzer directly in real-time.

Step 4

By using the calculate system to analyze the barcode information it had received, the poker analyzer can give you the result you need via mini earpieces, such as one best poker hand or the worst hand.

Which Poker Scanning Camera Is Better For You?

chip tray poker cheating devices camera

Chip Tray Camera

  • Available Scanning Distance:
    8~20cm, 20~40cm, 40~60cm, 60~80cm
  • Scanning Width: 1~20cm
  • Battery Time: 10~20 hrs
  • Better For: Texas Holdem, Omaha 4 Cards

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popular poker cheating devices power bank camera

Power Bank Scanner

  • Available Scanning Distance:
    8~20cm, 20~40cm, 40~60cm, 60~80cm, 30~60cm, 60~90cm
  • Scanning Width: 1~45cm
  • Battery Time: 10 hrs
  • Better For: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat

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T-shirt clothes gambling cheating devices

Clothes Cheating Devices

  • Available Scanning Distance:
    8~20cm, 20~40cm, 30~60cm, 30~90cm
  • Scanning Width: 1~40cm
  • Battery Time: 4~5 hrs / Battery Changeable
  • Better For: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Honda, SKIN, Zecchinetta

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Audi car key scanner for poker analyzer

Car Key Poker Scanner

  • Available Scanning Distance:
    8-20cm, 20-40cm, 40-60cm
  • Scanning Width: 1~20cm
  • Battery Time: 2~3 hrs / Battery Changeable
  • Better For: Texas Holdem, BlackJack

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