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Marked Cards for Sale

Marked cards are a type of trick poker decks. They refer to playing cards that have altered in various cards marking ink to allow poker magicians and gamble players to recognize the marks with the unique card readers, but others cannot. According to different marking methods, we mainly divide the cards into ultimate marked cards, invisible ink marked playing cards, and barcode marked decks. Do you want to know the secret of poker tricks marked deck of cards? Come here, the latest marked cards used in any poker card games are for sale worldwide.

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Marked Cards Contact Lenses for Sale

Marked cards contact lenses, also known as poker cheating card lenses, are a type of effective magic poker cheating device. Based on the spectrum, they are applied to detect luminous invisible ink markings on the back of marked cards. With a superior disguise, invisible ink contact lenses are popular among any poker game, magic trick shows, as well as many casinos. Top-quality marked cards contact lenses are for sale from our online mall, which can use to read the marked magic cards without the suspicion of your opponents.

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Poker Analyzer & Poker Scanner Camera

Poker analyzer and poker scanner camera are the best scanning system that works as a poker winner predictor for marked barcode decks. Poker analyzer system, as its name suggests, a modern poker cheating device is used to analyze poker results. With the hidden secret barcodes, playing cards players can know exact winning hands in advance with the use of poker scanner cameras in card gambling. The scanner system can identify the outcomes within 0.1 seconds by the mini Bluetooth earpiece with 100% accuracy.

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Marked Cards Mall is the world’s leading manufacturer in the marked cards industry, with a strong team of professional cards marking technicians and the most advanced poker cheating devices. With 20 years' studying and working, our technicians focus on making the best quality marked playing cards with different patens, which processed with invisible ink based on original poker cards. Such secret marks that are undetectable by the human eye can read by wearing special infrared contact lenses or luminous ink glasses reader kit. The contact lenses marked cards and barcode marked decks are our most hot sale poker products.

What's more, our company focuses on research, development, production, processing, and sales services for poker entertainment and gambling products. Now we are the top poker tricks card suppliers in the world. We offer the most professional poker trick tools for casinos, poker tournaments, private games or clubs, and magic shows etc. Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker scanning system or Baccarat or Blackjack analyzer cheating system are prevalent among our customers.

Poker analyzer device is the critical equipment that works in the playing cards scanner system to predict the poker results. It can work with the wireless poker scanner camera and report you the best winning hand or all the hands' rankings, or report cards one by one in sequence for any poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Honda, Baccarat, Blackjack.

There are many other poker cheat products for sale, dice cheating system in remote control dice, loaded dice, induction dice, besides marked Domino, Rummy, Backgammon, and so on. Welcome to explore Marked Cards Mall!