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The Best Marked Cards Products

New Arrivals

Invisible marked playing cards for Infrared UV lenses means you have to wear a pair of UV or IR poker contact lenses to read markings on the back of the...

A Plus invisible ink marked playing cards are the products of the times to meet professional players' needs. The United States made playing cards A Plus are 100% plastic and...

Iphone X poker card analyzer cheating device is installed with the newest CVK poker analyzing system. Except for its perfect appearance, it is much better than other poker scanner detectors:...

Texas Holdem iPhone 8 Plus Poker Hand Analyzer Device is one of the best poker cheating system apps available in our company, as well as Omaha poker cards analyzer, AKK...

If you are a poker lover, you just need to know the latest phone analyzer poker scanner system so far in the market: iPhone 11 poker cheat system. What is...

How can we elect a high-quality and reasonable-price poker analyzer? If you have a particular requirement on a model, our latest CVK gambling scanner system for poker card cheat can be your first choice....

What is Marked Card Deck?

Unveiling the mystery of marked playing cards

Marked card deck is often used to cheat for gambling games or magic tricks. Cards making is a process of changing poker in some methods, which is evident to marker or cards hosts.

Usually the secret mark of a marked deck is on the back of the card. Due to technological innovation, it can be marked on the side of the deck with invisible ink.

If you play poker games a lot, you should know about them, which will help you increase the winning odds, at least will protect you from being cheated during the games.

marked deck of cards

The History of Marked Cards

Historically, the first attempt to alter the cards in a method only apparent to marker or conspirator was by bending, adding visible marks to a card. The fatal shortage of the traditional decks is that your opponent across the poker table can see the cards marking as well.

Traditional Marking Way

In the past, magicians or poker cheaters tried to alter the designs on the obverse sides of cards by using various inks, pigments, and scratches to add or remove backside lines or patterns. In addition, there is the ultimate marked deck commonly used by magicians, which hides the secret marks on the card back. By looking at the back of the card, you can identify the opposite value and suit. Learn more

ultimate marked deck

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Technology brings good news. Marked playing cards with invisible ink are super popular once they came out. Different from traditional ways to mark poker cards by original marker, the recent high-end card printing technology has brought the quality of marked decks to a much higher level. Although other device is needed to read these marked cards, they are hardly exposed in the game. Learn more

invisible ink marked cards with contact lenses

Marked Cards Mall

The world’s leading manufacturer in the marked cards industry

Technical Superiority

Strong team of professional card marking technicians has a strong team of professional cards marking technicians and the most advanced poker cheating devices. With 20 years' studying and working, our technicians focus on making the best quality marked playing cards with different patens, which processed with invisible ink based on original poker cards. Such secret marks that are undetectable by the human eye can read by wearing special marked cards contact lenses or luminous ink glasses reader kit. The contact lenses marked cards and barcode marked decks are our most hot sale poker products.

marked cards for contact lenses

Top Poker Cheat Cards supplier

Provide the most professional poker cheating devices

What's more, our company focuses on research, development, production, processing, and sales services for poker entertainment and gambling products. Now we are the top poker cheat card suppliers in the world. We offer the most professional poker cheating devices for casinos, poker tournaments, private games or clubs, and magic shows etc. Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker scanning system or Baccarat or Blackjack analyzer cheating system are prevalent among our customers. Detailed product introduction and excellent after-sales service are well received by everyone.

marked deck for poker analyzer

High-end Gambling Cheating Devices

Let you use technology to dominate the game

Marked cards cheating camera can work with the poker analyzer and report you the best winning hand or all the hands' rankings, or report cards one by one in sequence for any poker games such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Honda, Baccarat, Blackjack. There are many other gambling cheating devices for sale, dice cheating system in remote control dice, loaded dice, induction dice, besides marked Domino, Rummy, Backgammon, and so on. Welcome to explore Marked Cards Mall!

gambling cheating devices
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