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Marked Cards

What you need to know before buying marked decks

What are marked cards? It is a kind of processed playing card deck with secret markings, which suits magic shows as well as poker games. More importantly, only the owner of it can know this secret. The markings will help you identify the value and suit of specific cards in advance. However, it is hard to find the difference between marked poker cards and regular playing cards unless you understand how it works and use professional tools.

How Do Marked Cards Work?

Marked playing cards can be divided into two categories according to their purpose. They are playing cards with marking systems for magic tricks and invisible ink marking cards for poker cheating. Their marking way and working principle are entirely different.

Marked Cards for Magic

Magic marked cards are marked by changing the back design of decks. It applies a special system (rule) to hide the markings on the card backs. A manual is involved in the package, which explains you how to read the markings. Learn more

Magic Tricks Marked Cards Stripper Deck

Marked Cards for Poker

Poker cheat marked cards are processed with invisible ink. Our experienced technicians can process all brands of playing cards. The markings are completely invisible and can be marked on the back and sides of the card. Next will tell you how they work.

marked playing cards with glasses and contact lenses

Back Marked Cards for Poker

Marked playing cards with glasses and contact lenses

It is processed with luminous invisible ink markings of values and suits on the back of cards. The markings are selective according to your request. Only with a pair of infrared contact lenses or poker sunglasses, you can find its charm. People can see nothing from the card back without special poker perspective tools. With a deck of back marked cards like this, nothing can prevent you from being a winner in games.

marked poker cards for contact lenses

Side Marked Deck of Cards

Barcode side marked cards for poker scanner analyzer

Side marked decks are also called barcode marked cards, and all sides are marked with invisible barcodes. It is designed to work with poker analyzer devices. Poker analyzer scans and analyzes the invisible ink barcode cards, and you can receive the poker game results within a second, such as the best hand and second-best hand in Texas Holdem.

marked deck for poker analyzer

High Quality Marked Playing Cards for Sale

Welcome to shopping at Marked Cards Mall. Here are high-quality marked playing cards for sale at low prices. Our marked cards are durable and wear-resistant. The invisible ink markings of cards are hard to fade away and still clear for a long time. In addition, there is no difference between processed decks and original decks in color, pattern, size, etc. Our mission is to provide excellent service and quality products for our customers. Please feel free to contact us, and we will give you the best quality based on your budget.

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