Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Contact lenses marked cards that are processed by the high-tech printing machine and invisible ink on their back are the best used and the most suitable product for poker players.

Marked Cards for IR Contact Lenses & Glasses

Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

The particular chemical liquid based upon chemical and optical scientific principles has applied this time. With the use of this ink, markings on poker become invisible to the naked eyes. Only with use of the invisible ink readers (such as marked cards contact lenses), its unseen marks can detect. On the contrary, with the help of the poker cheat system, each card with suit and number will be identified by cheaters with a fast glance. No matter at a long-distance or a close-up distance, marked cards are detected at perfect clarity all the time. It comes to no surprise that you will know each poker hand quickly so that you get the additional edge in the games you play.

The card marking system is key to process any material playing cards into contact lenses marked decks such as paper cards, 100 percent plastic cards, and 100% cellulose acetate plastic decks. After the procession, the playing cards add with magic power.

Here, marked cards more online ship provides our clients not only with marked cards poker with various brands like Copag, Modiano, Bicycle, BEE, KEM, and so on, but also with special customized-service. Our professional technicians will customize your marked cards based on your detailed requirements. Therefore, prone to be winner at poker games is attainable as long as you have contact lenses marked cards in your hand.