Poker Scanner Camera

Poker scanner camera is the most crucial poker cheating products in existence. It is a wireless camera lens in the cover of different daily items to scan the barcode decks of cards quickly. It helps to report the poker results with playing card winner predictor in the Texas Hold'em or Omaha card games.

Poker scanner camera plays an essential part of the poker analyzer cheating system. The wireless scanning camera can work to read the barcode marks instead of the local camera of poker phone analyzer so that you don't need to put the hand analyzer on the poker table and cause any doubts.

Do you know where can use a poker camera and what can use as playing cards scanner?

Here are some instructions for the poker cards camera. The best quality poker scanner camera for sale is available in different styles and different daily items with characteristic appearance, various scanning distances from the cards, and perfect artistry for hiding the IR camera, like iPhone, car key, chip tray, lighter, cards shuffler, lamp, and so on. They are used to scan the secret ink code and transfer the signal to the poker cheating analyzer that will analyze the barcode data and report users the winners directly. Pay attention that the whole process can do within 0.1 seconds, and the poker game result is 100 percent correct.

Choosing a good and suitable wireless poker scanner camera is a necessary step to help the poker players to use the cards cheating system ideally since scanning the barcode cards is the first and vital step of the whole system's working. While the scanning camera works well in scanning the poker trick decks secretly, the entire system can work well without others' notice. Also, the camera's speed in reading the cards influences the rate of the whole scanning system.

Here in our marked cards mall, we offer quite a lot of wireless poker cameras to meet the customers' requirements. Long scanning distance, short scanning distance, fast reading speed, wide range, and dynamic poker scanner cameras are all available for sale. Here is the best choice!