Gambling Cheating Device Air Conditioner Hidden Camera

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Air conditioner hidden camera poker cheating device may be a novelty for you, but you must be familiar with the normal air conditioner.Actually, the poker hidden camera is a different...

Air conditioner hidden camera poker cheating device may be a novelty for you, but you must be familiar with the normal air conditioner.

Actually, the poker hidden camera is a different form of playing card scanners. it is used to scan invisible ink barcode on playing cards, which is often applied in poker tricks or poker magical shows.

Nowadays, the wireless playing cards hidden camera technology in poker is becoming more and more mature and more widely used. And air conditioner poker scanner camera, as I said before, it is a poker cheating device, which is widely used by poker players or magicians. There is a hidden scanning camera which is used to scan barcode marked poker cards. However, you cannot tell any difference from their outside appearance, so it is safe for poker players to use it.

Long Distance Cheating Device Air Conditioner Camera to See Barcode Marked Cards

The application of poker hidden scanning camera gives people a better visual experience and contextual experience. The air conditioner is vivid and beautiful, so it is usual and common for people to decorate casinos with it. Besides, it is easy and convenient to put a playing cards hidden camera in a casino or poker clubs. Compared with other poker cheating devices, it can hardly be detected by others, safer and more convenient.

Here are some advantages of the air conditioner poker hidden camera. First of all, the cheating camera in poker can be installed in any air conditioner on the wall. And if phone poker scanning camera, wallet marked playing cards camera or other poker scanners, have been put on the table for a long time, other players would suspect them. As a result, they may be found. What's more, the scanning distance between the barcode cards and the scanner camera is from 1 meter to 6 meters. The scanning range and distance of this poker decks hidden scanner are wider and longer than other kinds of scanning cameras. Last but not least, the air conditioner poker hidden camera is suitable for all poker games, such as Omaha, Baccarat and so on.

Color: Black,White, Others Material: Metal, Leather
Scanning Distance: 1-2 M,2-3 M, 3-4 M,4-5M, 1-3 M, 2-4 M, 3-5 M Scanning Width: 25 CM, 30 CM
Signal Frequency: All Switchable Battery Time: 10 Hours, 24 Hours
Detected Marks: Barcode, IR Marks