CVK 680 Poker Card Analyzer iPhone 8 Plus Model

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CVK 680 poker analyzer was launched by CVK company in 2020. It can predict who will be the winner in a poker game. Using the poker analyzer, you can be...

CVK 680 poker analyzer was launched by CVK company in 2020. It can predict who will be the winner in a poker game. Using the poker analyzer, you can be in a more positive position to know the ranks of every player even the game is not yet finished. Furthermore, you can according to the result, which given by CVK680 to adjust your play strategies instantly. Take Baccarat as an example, if you know the player's rank in advance, you can decide whether to add a card or not; or you chose the mode that is read the card directly, you can know the value of the next card, then you can judge if it is beneficial for you.

Advantages of CVK 680 Poker Analyzer

iPhone 8 Plus Appearance

The prototype of CVK 680 poker analyzer is iPhone 8 Plus, hence, you don't need to worry that its appearance will out of fashion. Furthermore, the CVK 680 poker analyzer can be used as a normal cell phone, it has all the functions that the normal one has, such as listening to music, making calls, sending messages, etc.

CVK 680 iPhone 8 Plus Appearance

Long Scanning Distance

The built-in camera of the poker analyzer is one of the most critical parts of the poker analyzer, and its scanning distance will affect the user experience to a certain extent. The scanning distance of CVK 680 can reach 20 to 45 cm between the marked deck and the camera. What's more, If the scanning range and distance of the built-in camera don't meet your needs, please check out our external poker cheating device camera.

CVK 680 poker analyzer with long scanning distance built-in camera

100% Accuracy

If you ask me what is the most basic of a poker analyzer, I will answer you directly, that is accuracy. Whether you want to know the ranks of players or the value of cards, accuracy is crucial. If the poker analyzer provides false information to you which may cause you lost a lot of money. Our CVK 680 poker predictor has 100% accuracy since its camera can capture the barcode marked cards clearly and use its complicated analysis system to analyze the information. Apart from has accuracy, it also can give you the result at once.

how does cvk 680 poker analyzer work?

Diversified Game Options

Players from different countries play different games, but you do not need to worry that you cannot find the game you play in CVK 680, it has more than several kinds of poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Omaha, Baccarat, etc.

You can choose three of them to buy, and then you can find the game on the purchased games page directly.

cvk680 poker analyzer system purchased games page

Ancillary Equipment

Remote Control. When you purchase the CVK 680 poker scanner analyzer, here will be a set of paired remote control which can help you increase or decrease the number of players secretly according to the situation.

Mini Earphone. The CVK 680 marked cards analyzer can give you the result via a mini earphone. The mini earphone is too small to hard to be found by others when you put it on your ear, and its sound is clear but only can be listened to by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order for CVK680?

If you are eager to improve your winning edge at poker games in short time and win more money, there is no doubt that the CVK680 poker analyzer is a good choice for you, you can buy it without hesitation. Welcome to contact us directly by WhatsApp (+86 150 9995 1380) or Email ( to get the best price.

How about the language version?

CVK 680 device supports Chinese and English.

Shipping & Delivery

The CVK 680 device shipped from China. Generally, there are DHL, UPS, FedEx can be chosen. We will provide you most convenient one according to your need.

How do I track my order status?

When your order is shipped, we will send the tracking number and track link to you at once.

Brand: CVK Origin: China
Game Quantity: 3 Scanning Distance: 20-45 CM
Scanning Width: 25 CM, 30 CM Signal Frequency: Wireless 2.37G, Wireless 2.47G, Wireless 2.57G
Battery Time: 5 Hours, 10 Hours Language: English, Chinese
Extra Battery: Unavailable Color: Black
Gambling Games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Baccarat, Honda, Zecchinetta, Others Application: Magic Tricks, Poker Casino Games