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Copag Summer Edition Cheating Poker Cards

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  • Brand: Copag
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Index: Jumbo Index
  • Category: Marked Cards


Cheating poker cards are the most useful tips and tricks for playing card players. If you are thinking of cheat in the cards games then you should take a look at the complete list of playing cards cheating tricks. The marking cards, poker cheating glasses, and poker analyzer system are three major cheating devices you can apply in the games.

How do cheating poker cards work?

Firstly, marking poker cards are the most common but practical way to be cheating cards. There are two kinds, such as ultimate marked decks and barcode marked cards. Totally different from the traditional cards, the manufacturer adopts the advanced cards printing technology to mark cards that is invisible to our human naked eyes. Besides, there are many brands of marking cards available to a vast number of poker players, such as Copag, the Copag Summer Edition.

Secondly, to detect the invisible marks, players will need the help of poker cheating glasses. What are they? One is invisible ink contact lenses, and the other one is ultra cards glasses. Both of them have their own advantages and both enjoy high security and perfect clarity. What’s more, it is very easy and convenient for players to wear cheating poker cards glasses. So you can buy one of them which is of great help for you to win in the cards games.

Thirdly, except for the marking poker cards and the poker cheating glasses, the poker analyzer system also plays an important role when playing cards cheating tricks. High speed, accuracy, powerful functions are major features of the poker analyzer system. Generally speaking, the poker analyzer will report the 100 percent correct result to the poker player with 0.1 seconds. Besides, it not only can calculate the winning odds but also can access the Internet, send the message, make a phone call and so on. Hence, it has won a lot of poker fans when it made its first debut in the market.

All the cheating poker cards can be found in our company. We can provide our customers with high quality but fair price products. Welcome to shop online!

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Brand: Copag Color: Red, Blue
Material: Plastic Index: Jumbo Index
Size: Poker Size Original: Belgium
Deck: Double Decks Container: Hard Plastic Box
Markings: Barcode Cards Reader: Poker Analyzer

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