Infrared Camera Marked Cards

Infrared camera marked cards are also known as the one-to-one marked cards because they only can be read by specific infrared camera. This kind of decks uses different card marking ink. They apply to the people who run a poker room or poker club. One IR marked cards camera can monitor several poker tables. Via disguising themselves with unprocessed playing cards' appearance, infrared camera marked cards are considered the best cheating tool by many players of any poker games.

shirt with IR poker camera for shooting marked cards

An Infrared poker camera installed on the clothes button

The mark is invisible on the card back, only visible by the IR lens

Why Do Many Players Think Highly of Infrared Poker Cameras?

Because the infrared camera marked cards are different from luminous ink cards and barcode marked decks. It only works for poker camera with specific infrared lens. That is to say, the marked cards contact lenses and poker scanning systems cannot read infrared camera marked cards. You can read nothing on the back of the cards unless you use the special IR cameras. You can get clear visibility of back markings in special ink that show on the phone, TV, computer, laptop, and other things.

chandelier with long distance focus lens smoke alarm with focus lens for infrared marked cards 360 degree rotation infrared camera lens

Infrared Poker Cameras and Marked Cards Have More Possibilities

The infrared poker camera can be installed on clothes buttons for short-distance use and embedded in ceiling lights, chandeliers, smoke alarms, and CCTVs for long-distance shooting. If you have your own poker room, then infrared cameras will bring you more possibilities. Almost all the daily objects in the room can be a shelter for infrared lenses.

People Already Know the Secret of Winning with Contact Lenses Marked Deck

When more and more people used contact lenses marked cards, the secret of their victory had revealed. So a growing number of poker players embark on applying marked cards in the games. In the same game, there are likely to be multiple people using the same cheating card lenses to peek into other people's marked deck of cards. To guarantee your absolute edge at the poker game, our infrared camera marked cards are the best choice for you.

Buy Infrared Camera Marked Cards with Extremely High Security and Perfect Practicality

Here, we have the world-class and top-quality infrared marked cards for you. Utterly invisible to our nude human eyes, infrared contact lenses, poker cheating sunglasses, and poker scanners, our one-to-one infrared marked cards feature extremely high security and perfect practicality. Both infrared cards and infrared poker cameras are fully available.

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