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Modiano Blackjack Poker Gambling Cheating Cards

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  • Brand: Modiano
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Index: Jumbo Index
  • Category: Marked Cards


There is no undefeatable winner in the cards games unless you have poker gambling cheating cards, which is a deck of cards processed by invisible ink at the back of the cards.

In general, two patterns of Modiano BlackJack poker gambling cards are designed in our company, big marks, and 4 small invisible marks. According to different ways of playing poker, you can choose one of them to help you win in the game. Also, our company offers customers customized services. That is you can design your own poker gambling cheating cards, with which you can feel a sense of achievement when you win the games.

Many customers are concerned about an issue that is it possible for people to discover in the casino? Don’t worry, my friends. Our cheating gamble cards with luminous invisible ink can be seen by marked cards reader, and cannot be detected by human eyes. Thus, you can play the BlackJack cards the same as normal poker naturally. Of course, our poker gambling cheating cards are made in the specified lights. In order to achieve the best effect, you should practice under different lights as much as you can do such as LED,yellow lamp, saving energy lamp and so on if it is the first time for you use cheating playing cards.

Many people wish a miracle would happen to us, but actually miracle can be created by ourselves. Having your own poker gambling cheating cards made by our company is a shortcut to miracle and to success.

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Brand: Modiano Color: Red, Blue
Material: Plastic Index: Jumbo Index
Size: Poker Size Original: Italy
Deck: Double Decks Container: Hard Plastic Box
Markings: Barcode, IR & UV Cards Reader: Poker Analyzer, Infrared Contact Lenses, Infrared Camera

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