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Speedreader Marked Deck of Cards Bicycle

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  • Brand: Bicycle
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Paper
  • Index: Jumbo Index, Standard Index
  • Category: Marked Cards


Have you always been defeated by your competitor? Or as a magician, is it stressful for you to perform a wonderful magic show? Then it is time to learn about trick poker and grasp some tricky skills. Discussed in this article is mainly the Speedreader marked deck of cards Bicycle that might help you get the most benefit in gambling.

No matter how lucky a person is, luck will always run out. In order to keep your success, having have the best marked trick deck and master the most useful skills is important. Making a few changes on the cards that only you can be able to spot is the easiest way for you. In order to make sure these alterations are unseen for other players, I suggest you had better apply the best secret way to mark cards. In past, the visible deck is the most popular way to make cheat.

In the beginning, Bicycle marked deck of cards is made by pinching, folding or scratching. Special markings on trick poker are only visible for the host. The hidden secret of the trick playing decks is hard and difficult to be revealed. You can read them by the visible marks like small dots, or special symbols. Therefore, It is a rare concealed manner to avoid being caught cheating.

How can you get the marked deck of cards Bicycle? There are two ways for you. One is buying the invisible ink kit online, and mark poker by yourself. The other one is purchasing tricky poker cards from a trustworthy shop or online store, here we are the best choice for you. Objectively speaking, the cost of the first method is cheaper than the second one. However, their effects differ greatly. The second one with high-quality is processed by professional staff and print machines. So it is true that the more expensive the price is, the better the effect is.

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Brand: Bicycle Color: Red, Blue
Material: Paper Index: Jumbo Index, Standard Index
Size: Poker Size Original: USA
Deck: Single Deck Container: Tuck Box
Markings: IR & UV Cards Reader: Infrared Contact Lenses, Infrared Camera

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