Marked Playing Cards

Marked playing cards work as the most practical and common way to make poker magic, which is often used to cheat for gambling games or card tricks.

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Modiano Platinum Acetate IR Conact Lenses Marked Deck

Modiano platinum poker acetate IR contact lenses marked deck is considered as the finest poker cheating playing cards by a lot of poker players. As everything knows, acetate is the...

Modiano Bike Trophy Ramino Poker with Juice Marking

Modiano bike trophy Ramino poker with juice marking is the best way to avoid strict and robust inspection from casino site sector because we know that it has been dealing...

Copag NEO Infrared Ink Marking Cards

Copag NEO infrared ink marked cards are made on the basis of unprocessed COPAG poker cards. For detecting its back suit and number in invisible ink, infrared contact lenses and...

KEM Arrow Golden & Black Gambling Tricks Cards

Gambling tricks cards are one of the most practical products of "magic" in the cards trick genre. Basically, marked poker cards are the key product to poker cheating industry. With...

Infrared Magic Ink Marked Piatnik 33 Blatt Poker Cards

Infrared magic ink marked Piatnik 33 Blatt poker cards can help you dominate the game with your opponents and be the absolute winner!Piatnik 33 Blatt poker playing cards are made...

A Plus Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards

A Plus invisible ink marked playing cards are the products of the times to meet professional players' needs. The United States made playing cards A Plus are 100% plastic and...

Bicycle Maiden Marked Playing Cards

Some amateur magicians or poker players don't like using marked playing cards with infrared contact lenses or glasses, being afraid of getting caught. They might think it's trouble and easy...

Copag Fall Edition Marked Cards Deck

Copag Fall Edition marked cards deck is one of the special Copag four-season edition playing cards marked with invisible ink marks. This Fall Edition poker deck is the 100% plastic...

Copag 139 Marked Cards with Luminous Ink Marks

Copag 139 marked cards for luminous ink are one of the most popular poker decks in Brazil. Being different from the Copag plastic playing cards, Copag 139 cards are made...

Modiano WSOP Infrared Ink Playing Cards for Cheat Poker Contact Lenses

Do you still wonder where you can find the best and cheapest infrared ink playing cards for cheat poker contact lenses? Here is a piece of good news. As a...

Fournier EPT Cheating Playing Cards

Fournier EPT cheating playing cards with invisible ink marks can use infrared sunglasses or contact lenses to see. The EPT is an European Poker Tour version of poker playing cards,...

Fournier No.1 UV Ink Marked Playing Cards

Fournier No. 1 UV ink marked playing cards have undetected marks on the back for UV ink contact lenses to see clearly and people with naked eyes can't see such...

Dal Negro Napoletane Microchips Playing Cards Poker

Microchips playing cards poker, it might be the first time you heard about it, but you should know it, especially if you really care about card games you play. What...

Dal Negro San Siro IR Poker Decks

Dal Negro San Siro IR poker decks are one of the most popular poker cards, which are manufactured in Italy. San Siro cards are processed on the basis of original...

KEM Arrow Blue & Red Marked Card Deck

In the poker game, some players seem to win the game because of their good luck, however, the truth behind the winner is that they have the marked card deck...

Bee Invisible playing cards for UV lenses

Invisible playing cards for UV lenses means you have to wear a pair of UV ink poker lenses to read markings on invisible playing cards. Here are some details about...

Modiano Blackjack Poker Gambling Cheating Cards

There is no undefeatable winner in the cards games unless you have poker gambling cheating cards, which is a deck of cards processed by invisible ink at the back of...

Italian Modiano No.98 Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

Modiano playing cards cheating tricks are very prevalent and common in Italy, especially No.98. In the first place, they are the same as unprocessed poker decks in terms of durability,...

Copag Class Modern Invisible Ink Playing Cards

To win in the game, choosing the Copag Class Modern invisible ink playing cards is a good choice for you. What are invisible ink playing cards? They refer to a...

Copag EPT Cheating Playing Cards for Poker Games

How much do you know about COPAG EPT cheating playing cards for poker games? Copag cheating cards are one of the most helpful props to make poker cheats which could...

Copag Summer Edition Cheating Poker Cards

Cheating poker cards are the most useful tips and tricks for playing card players. If you are thinking of cheat in the cards games then you should take a look...

Speedreader Marked Deck of Cards Bicycle

Have you always been defeated by your competitor? Or as a magician, is it stressful for you to perform a wonderful magic show? Then it is time to learn about...

Founier 2100 Marked Spanish Playing Cards Magic Trick

What are marked Spanish playing cards magic trick? They are a kind of cheat cards that poker players apply in the Texas Holdem card games. Usually, people also name it...

Fournier Poker Vision Marked Trick Poker Cards

Most of the gamblers and poker players do not have an idea to play games when they enter the casino at the earlier stage. They are naive to follow the...

Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck Red & Blue

Bicycle ultimate marked deck is a kind of traditional marked cards. And Bicycle decks are one of the famous brands. As we know, tradition cheating poker cards are not marked...

Fournier 2818 Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Fournier 2818 contact lenses marked cards are commonly used in Russia and other Russian speaking countries, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and so on. Fournier is a famous Spain brand...

Fournier 2500 Marked Poker Cards

Fournier 2500 marked poker cards are processed with invisible ink with original playing cards from Spain by a professional printer. In this case, our marked cards poker always had better...

Copag Texas Holdem Poker Cheat Cards

Copag Texas Holdem poker cheat cards are widely used in Europe and Brazil as they have 2 different versions. There aren't a bit different on the back pattern, just the...

Copag 4 Corner Jumbo Index Luminous Ink Marked Cards

Copag 4 PIP jumbo index luminous ink marked cards are marked with luminous ink whose marks are unreadable to your naked eyes. And only with the help of different poker...

Copag Export Bridge Size Marked Poker Cards

How can we use Copag Export marked poker cards with bridge size in the different poker games? They are quite different from the original playing cards as we marked with...

Bicycle Pure Mark Mandolin Back Marked Deck

Bicycle pure mark Mandolin back marked deck is a traditional type of playing cards which doesn't need to work with invisible ink kit. It is popular among magicians and well-known...

Fournier No.12 UV Juice Marked Cards

Fournier No.12 poker deck is a 100% Spanish playing cards. Each Fournier card deck is subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure attention to every detail. We obey the same...

The History of Marked Cards

Historically, the first attempt to alter the cards in a method only apparent to marker or conspirator was by bending, adding visible marks to a card. The fatal shortage of the traditional decks is that your opponent across the poker table can see the cards marking as well.

Traditional Way

For better effect, the poker cheaters tried to alter the designs on the obverse sides of cards by using various inks, pigments, and scratches to add or remove backside lines or patterns. In addition, there is the ultimate marked deck commonly used by magicians, which hides the secret marks on the card back. By looking at the back of the card, you can identify the opposite value and suit.

ultimate marked deck

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

Technology brings good news. Marked playing cards with invisible ink are super popular once they came out. Different from traditional ways to mark poker cards by original marker, the recent high-end card printing technology has brought the quality of marked decks to a much higher level. Although other device is needed to read these marked cards, they are hardly exposed in the game.

invisible ink marked cards with contact lenses

3 Main Types of Marked Cards

In general, there are three main types of invisible ink marked cards for sale.

Contact Lenses Marked Cards

The first type is invisible ink marked deck of cards, which refers to a deck of cards that has processed in UV or IR invisible ink on the back. The particular chemical liquid based upon chemical and optical scientific principles has applied this time. With the use of this ink, markings on poker become invisible to the naked eyes. Only with use of the invisible ink readers(such as marked cards contact lenses), its unseen marks can detect.

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marked playing cards with contact lenses

Infrared Camera Marked Deck

The second is the infrared marked decks. This kind of decks uses different card marking ink. Therefore they need the special playing cards reader kit, infrared camera. They apply to the people who run a poker room or poker club. One IR marked cards camera can monitor several poker tables.

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Infrared camera marked poker cards

Barcode Marked Deck

The third one is the barcode marked deck of cards. This kind of poker decks is different from the others. The marks are on the four sides instead of on the back of the cards. The secret card markings look like the bar code and need to be read by the phone scanning system.

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barcode marked deck for poker scanner analyzer

How to Detect Marked Playing Cards?

Without the suitable poker cheating tools, people cannot see these marked cards because human eyes cannot receive the wavelengths of light reflected by the invisible ink.

UV / IR contact lenses and luminous ink sunglasses are used to read the invisible ink marked playing cards.

The special infrared marked cards camera is the only camera that can detect infrared marked deck of cards.

Poker analyzer is the device to predict the poker winning hands by scanning the barcode marked cards.

Professional Marked Cards Manufacturer & Supplier

We are the professional marked cards supplier in Copag, Modiano, Fournier, Bicycle, and other poker brands, we will make our utmost effort in solving and answering the questions which are put forward by our customers. Our quality marked cards can use in many places, private party games, gamble cards games, magic shows, poker tricks, and so forth, top quality with low price on sale!

Bicycle Marked Cards

Bicycle marked cards, for now, have been a significant and indispensable part of poker cheating devices. Thanks to its fair cost and high quality, this brand of playing cards is loved by the majority of buyers and manufacturers.

Here Bicycle paper cards with standard index or jumbo index, Bicycle plastic cards can be marked with high quality. For infrared contact lenses, they can be marked in three patterns: a big font in the middle, four small fonts on the corners, and the customized one. Our technicians will use the different inks and marking device to process the original Bicycle decks. So it is impossible for others to find any difference between marked Bicycle cards and unmarked ones.

bicycle marked deck of playing cards
marked deck of cards bicycle
marked bicycle deck with invisible ink markings
bicycle invisible ink marked cards

Apart from the Bicycle marked cards poker for infrared contact lenses, they also can be processed into marked cards that read by cards gambling scanner system. Different from contact lenses marked cards, these cards are marked on the four sides. Our technicians design the barcodes, so no device can detect the marks unless you use the poker hand analyzer. Also, with invisible ink in the side code markings, our human eyes can't read Bicycle marked cards even with infrared contact lenses or poker cheating glasses.

Although there are many kinds of poker games in the world, Bicycle invisible ink marked playing cards can fully meet your requirement. For example, Texas Holdem poker game, you will know the best poker hand and the best second hand with the help of Bicycle barcode marked cards and poker cheating system. Like Blackjack and Baccarat, Bicycle contact lenses marked cards will show you each card with suit and number. All in all, based on your requirement, we are able to choose the most suitable marking pattern for you. Rather than increase our luck, why not select some cheating device to help yourself?

Taking security, quality, durability, and other aspects into consideration, our Bicycle marked cards are the most optimal choice for you when playing games.

Copag Marked Cards

Copag marked cards are processed with invisible ink so that players can't see the marks without specialized poker devices. Generally, there are two main kinds of marked quality cards: back marks and barcode marks. They need to work with different devices. Copag marked decks are more and more popular recently because of the convenience and popularity.

copag 1546 marked cards with invisible ink
copag 139 marked poker cards for contact lenses
copag 4pip marked playing cards
copag 100% plastic marked cards decks

Take Copag marked cards for contact lenses as an example. Copag invisible ink decks will have marks on the backs. All the packages are the same as the original cards, so no one can know that you are using cheating poker cards. Only when you wear invisible ink contact lenses, can you detect the marks clearly. As to the secret marks, big numbers in the middle are available, and there are also other customized markings for you.

Before gambling, you need to equip with the poker devices. When the dealer finishes dealing with the cards, you can know what playing cards other players hold and calculate out their best hands. It means that you can know who is the best winner in advance. In the past, you won money sometimes depending on luck and skills. With Copag marked cards, poker strategy is insignificant; you don't need to guess the rankings and also win easily.

Invisible Ink Copag Texas Holdem Cheating Poker Video

Perfect Copag Casnio Poker Cheat Marked Cards Video

Copag poker cards originated in Brazil, are widely used in some leading professional casinos around the world. Most of Copag cards are plastic cards that have a better feeling and last 20-50 times longer than paper cards. The marking process won't change the quality of the cards. All the invisible ink that we use is specialized. For different poker cards, we will adjust the proportion of the mixed ink, again and again, to find out the most suitable one. There will be no color difference between marked decks and original cards. And we will use some unique material to spray on the backs of the cards, which can make them last longer and won't fade because of the water and air.

You can find the best quality Copag marked cards here. They can be applied in most casino gambling games.