how to make marking playing cards at home

Many people know nothing about marking playing cards at all, while in some places, marked cards are not any secret. Nowadays, people can easily search for some information such as articles and videos online as well. According to our technicians' skills and experience, there are some ways that we can try to mark playing cards at home, among which marking cards for naked eyes to see is the cheapest way. 

Someone who has never thought that the deck even could be marked may think that how can we use the marked deck if people can see the marks with naked eyes? That's why this cheapest way to mark the poker decks is fantastic. Usually, this kind of marks is marked by a very sharp weapon such as a needle. They are very mini and secret among the patterns of the back, and people will realize it after they get the secret. It's tough to notice, and even some see a small sign, they know nothing about the marks and meaning.

How to mark such a deck of playing cards for naked eyes to see? 

Prepare the material and devices such as a sharp knife or a needle. And what others that you need are patience and skills or practice. Since this is a very cheap way, you don't need to buy any expensive devices for it but quite a lot of time is necessary. 

Take a deck of Bicycle cards to mark. For example, after you have a special set of marks, you can madly focus on marking the cards one by one gently with the knife or needle.  

1. Take a deck of Bicycle rider back playing cards, arrange cards from low to high with the same suits(some ignore the suits).

2. Take a regular razor knife or needle or very sharp scissors, that you can use Expertly.

3. Make very lightly and regularly scratching etches or marks in the paint of the two wheels at the button and top on every piece of cards. The marks can be one in the left wheel to identify the number of the card while the other in the right wheel to show the suit. This may need some time, depends on your focus and skills. Some skillful technicians can mark several decks in an hour, the more time they save when the more same decks to mark at a time.

How to Mark Playing Cards at Home

Generally speaking, this kind of marked deck works well for some kinds of cards, and some other with other design marks won't work well. And for some special game or occasion, they need to make some pieces of playing cards only, such as to identify the high cards only, which will be easier and can save some time. And for easier identification, the marks can be deformed numbers instead of other code marks. However, you must make sure that others can't see it easily. 

This idea of marking cards works if you own the cards and spend a day working on them at home. This kind of marking playing cards can suit the situation that the reader is close to the marked decks only. In a farther distance, people can't see or tell the marks for they are too small.

The other popular way to mark cards is with luminous ink or ink pens. With the right suitable ink, you can try writing your marks on the back or side of the cards at home. And also, you need to make the invisible ink reader such as special contact lenses or glasses to see such marks. It may cost more money but much more comfortable as long as you can buy the right ink for your cards.



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