The Traditional Way of Marking Cards

Years ago, smart poker players began to consider how to win in card gambling. Then they found that marking tricks on the decks could help them win easily. In the past, people didn’t discover the existence of invisible ink. They directly made some changes on the backs of cards.

In the beginning, players used needles to take some bumps, resembling the Braille script. Later, there have been designs on the backs of poker cards. Players began to various used kinds of ink to make changes to the card designs. The main marking ways have block-out, tinting, and cut-out.


Block-out is using the same color to cover something. For example, players can add ink to the flowers by making the petals narrower or blocking out the whole flower on the back design.


Tinting is a similar marking way with block-out. It is using the same but lighter color to cover one of the petals of flower instead of covering the whole of the flower.


The cut-out is to use a razor to scrape off some designs and then add something new on the back designs of cards.

Unless you have superb manual skills, the marking effect is still relatively poor. Fortunately, the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) produced the Ultimate Marked Deck. The Ultimate Marked Deck has been manufactured on Bicycle Rider Back Cards. We can easily identify value and suit in the corner of the back of the card.

How People Used to Mark Cards

Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck

These marked decks are suitable for people who can’t use other cheating devices. But these cards need to be observed within close distance because the marks are tiny.

With the development of technology, more and more players will choose the invisible ink marked cards for contact lenses because they are more concealed. The magicians prefer Ultimate Marked Deck. These cards can help them perform correctly in poker shows, while poker players can also apply for Ultimate Marked Deck in gambling. Other players won’t discover the marks unless they tell in advance.