Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses are specifically a cards gambling tool, likewise special invisible ink for playing cards. With the working principle of infrared optics, these eyewear lenses are for unseen luminescent ink markings. Hence when you wear it, you can check out the secret card marking in the middle of the rear of the poker cards or the tailored marks you want, but with naked eyes cannot see them.

The infrared contact lenses are offered with different sizes here, of course, for many human eyes. According to your eyes' color, we can choose the most suitable one for you. Although the cheating cards contacts have a red filter in the middle that covers your pupil, your eyes still keep the original color to the greatest extent. To anyone else, they see your regular color eyes, but in your vision, you see a little red or pink invisible ink markings on the back of marked cards, so we also call them invisible ink contact lenses.

Without invisible ink contact lenses, marked decks appear like the typical regular playing cards; you cannot see anything on the back of Texas Hold'em cards. That is the reason why several poker players purchase the best quality infrared ink contacts. Since you wear the low-quality lenses, you not only cannot see the marked cards clearly but also waste your money and time.

With such infrared contact lenses poker, what can you get in the games you play?

When you put on the poker cards contacts on the games like Texas Hold'em or Baccarat, you can review the very best significant cards and translucent the marked magic decks. In this way, whether to make a big or small blind is no longer a difficult thing for you. This leverage brought by infrared contact lenses poker does become an important key to your victory in playing card games.

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