Founier 818 marked poker playing cards Founier 818 marked poker playing cards fournier 818 marked cards with invisible ink Fournier 818 invisible ink marked cards

Fournier 818 Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

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  • Brand: Fournier
  • Color: Red, Blue, Orange, Green
  • Material: Paper
  • Index: Jumbo Index
  • Category: Marked Cards


Fournier 818 marked cards with invisible ink are the well-known poker existing in the playing cards manufacturing sector in the world, which can help poker players defeat their opponents. They can be used for casino game or apply to many other large-scale poker competitions in the world, such as Texas Hold’em poker tournaments, Omaha, Rummy, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Just need to wear the poker cards reader, then it will be straightforward for players to read the cards. Via reading the back marks, they are capable of knowing each card's number with suit.

The marking of the decks is marked on the back with invisible ink. Compared with other Fournier standard cards, they are made by unique material that shapes like those, but in a much more smooth feeling and having a longer lifespan than those. Their tinting patterns which are made by the card marking ink and cannot be identified by the human eye but can be read by wearing the specified infrared contact lenses or the perspective sunglasses in a glance. It means that when your opponents shuffle and flop the cheat decks, you can get the information from the poker cards cheating device. You will find the game using the marked cards with invisible ink is more comfortable with the cheating card reader. As for the invisible ink, it is one of the equipments of the luminous ink kit. All in all, it can increase the winning odd for the poker players.

The packaging’ s characteristics of this kind of playing card various with the brand, like Fournier 818. What’s more, that can be customized by you for other thoughts in different shapes or patterns. After all, Our target is to supply the top quality products and best service to our clients.

Our manufacturers mark the Fournier 818 invisible ink marked poker cards in any mark patterns as you wish. In general, a big font in the middle with suits on the corner and four small fonts and small suits on the corner are two main mark patterns. If you don't like, you can customize the Fournier 818 marked deck of cards as you like.

Our company is a professional exporter in invisible ink marked cards, which can guarantee to provide high-quality products for you.

At last, here I want to tell you is that our marked cards with invisible ink have done the countless legend of poker and form the fantastic poker card magic. To choose us, to choose the perfect poker cheating devices regardless of beginner or professionals.

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Brand: Fournier Color: Red, Blue, Orange, Green
Material: Paper Index: Jumbo Index
Size: Poker Size Original: Spain
Deck: Single Deck Container: Tuck Box
Markings: Barcode, IR & UV Cards Reader: Poker Analyzer, Infrared Contact Lenses, Infrared Camera

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