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Founier 2100 Marked Spanish Playing Cards Magic Trick

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  • Brand: Fournier
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Plastic
  • Index: Jumbo Index
  • Category: Marked Cards


What are marked Spanish playing cards magic trick? They are a kind of cheat cards that poker players apply in the Texas Holdem card games. Usually, people also name it as trick cards. Same as ordinary poker in the aspect of their appearance, but gambling cards for cheating have more shinning points.

Processed with special invisible ink, 100 percent Spanish plastic cards or paper cards can be changed into magic trick playing cards. In each poker’s back, there is suit and number invisible to our naked eyes but detectable to infrared ink contact lenses. Or on the four edges, the barcode will be marked which is only read by poker scanning camera.

In our online shop, all Fournier magic trick marked Spanish playing cards can be found here in high quality, like Fournier 2100. In our company, we make poker cards with high-end card printing machines which can keep the unfading effect as long as 5-6 months. Even at a very close-up distance, people cannot find any flaws in the poker.

With such perfect marked Fournier Spanish playing cards, what can we do? Generally, people prefer using these magic trick cards in card games. However, in this way it is not fair to other poker players. In order to maintain fairness in the game, we highly suggest our clients using it in the magic show. If magicians want to finish his or her show successfully, a good and powerful prop will be highly necessary. As long as the magician wear the luminous ink contacts or use poker scanner, he or she can take control over the whole show. Even people do not really believe you, but they must be astonished and surprised by your sleight of hand.

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Brand: Fournier Color: Red, Blue
Material: Plastic Index: Jumbo Index
Size: Poker Size Original: Spain
Deck: Single Deck Container: Tuck Box
Markings: Barcode, IR & UV Cards Reader: Poker Analyzer, Infrared Contact Lenses, Infrared Camera

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