Dal Negro Masenghini marked poker cards Dal Negro Masenghini marked poker cards Masenghini marked playing cards with italian characteristic

Italian Marked Plastic Cards Dal Negro Masenghini

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  • Italian marked plastic cards Dal Negro Masenghini can be made for poker persepctive system, for poker scanning system and for infrared reading system.
  • Brand: Dal Negro
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Paper
  • Index: Jumbo Index
  • Payment Methods: Western Union, Moneygram, Bank Transfer
  • Shipping Ways: Fedex, DHL, EMS

Product Details

If you ask which kind of marked playing cards can be presented in Italian style? many people will think of Masenghini because they were initially most famous for their unique suit and number. But these days they are just as well known for being the world's leading premium quality. In term of different detective systems, here we can provide our clients with different Dal Negro Masenghini marked playing cards, such as back marked playing cards, barcode marked deck as well as infrared marked poker cards.

Adopting original imported Dal Negro Masenghini playing cards from USA, our experienced technicians can mark it with high-tech card printer and good quality invisible ink. The quality, back color, and even the touch feeling of marked Dal Negro Masenghini stay the same as unprocessed one. That is of great importance for your poker tricks because nowadays there are more and more people who come to realize their existence and they will check the back of cards before they play. That is to say, it is much possible to be detected by other people if you buy the low quality Dal Negro Masenghini marked deck of cards. Considering safety, it is an advisable choice to buy superior quality Dal Negro Masenghini invisible ink marked cards.

Product Category: Marked Cards


Brand: Dal Negro Color: Red, Blue
Material: Paper Index: Jumbo Index
Size: Poker Size Original: Italy
Deck: Single Deck Container: Tuck Box
Markings: IR & UV Cards Reader: Infrared Contact Lenses, Infrared Camera

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