Marked Deck of Cards

  • Marked deck of cards is often used to cheat for gambling games or magic tricks. Cards making is a process of changing poker in some methods, which is evident to marker or cards hosts.
  • Usually the secret mark of a marked deck is on the back of the card. Due to technological innovation, it can be marked on the side of the deck.
  • Marked Deck Currently Has 2 Trends

    • For magic show:
      magician marked decks work with reader systems and coded systems.
    • For gambling:
      invisible ink marked deck of cards work with special infrared devices.
marked deck of cards

Ultimate Marked Deck

Before introducing ultimate marked deck, let us know how people used to mark cards.

Years ago, smart poker players began to consider how to win in card gambling. Then they found that marking tricks on the decks could help them win easily. In the past, people didn’t discover the existence of invisible ink. They directly made some changes on the backs of cards.

In the beginning, players used needles to take some bumps, resembling the Braille script. Later, there have been designs on the backs of poker cards. Players began to various used kinds of ink to make changes to the card designs. The main marking ways have block-out, tinting, and cut-out.


Block-out is using the same color to cover something. For example, players can add ink to the flowers by making the petals narrower or blocking out the whole flower on the back design.


Tinting is a similar marking way with block-out. It is using the same but lighter color to cover one of the petals of flower instead of covering the whole of the flower.


The cut-out is to use a razor to scrape off some designs and then add something new on the back designs of cards.

Unless you have superb manual skills, the marking effect is still relatively poor. Fortunately, the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) produced the ultimate marked deck. The ultimate marked deck has been manufactured on Bicycle Rider Back Cards. We can easily identify value and suit in the corner of the back of the card.

Red Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck Bicycle 808 Blue Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck Bicycle Rider Back Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck of Cards

These marked decks are suitable for people who can’t use other cheating devices. But these cards need to be observed within close distance because the marks are tiny. With the development of technology, more and more players will choose the contact lenses marked cards because they are more concealed. The magicians prefer ultimate marked decks. These cards can help them perform correctly in poker shows, while poker players can also apply for ultimate marked decks in gambling. Other players won’t discover the marks unless they tell in advance.

How People Used to Mark Cards

Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck

Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Contact lenses marked cards that are processed by the high-tech printing machine and invisible ink on their back are the best used and the most suitable product for poker players.

Marked Cards for IR Contact Lenses & Glasses

Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Contact Lenses

Only apparent to infrared contact lenses and poker cheating sunglasses, marked cards are nearly impossible for other people to find any flaws though they see them at a very close distance. On the contrary, with the help of the poker cheat system, each card with suit and number will be identified by cheaters with a fast glance. No matter at a long-distance or a close-up distance, marked cards are detected at perfect clarity all the time. It comes to no surprise that you will know each poker hand quickly so that you get the additional edge in the games you play.

The card marking system is key to process any material playing cards into contact lenses marked decks such as paper cards, 100 percent plastic cards, and 100% cellulose acetate plastic decks. After the procession, the playing cards add with magic power.

Here, marked cards more online ship provides our clients not only with marked cards poker with various brands like Copag, Modiano, Bicycle, BEE, KEM, and so on, but also with special customized-service. Our professional technicians will customize your marked cards based on your detailed requirements. Therefore, prone to be winner at poker games is attainable as long as you have contact lenses marked cards in your hand.

Infrared Ink Marked Cards

Infrared ink marked cards are also known as the one-to-one marked cards because they only can be read by specific infrared camera. Via disguising themselves with unprocessed playing cards' appearance, infrared ink cards are considered the best cheating tool by many players of any poker games.

Poker scanning camera installed on the clothes

Why a number of poker players think highly of this kind of marked decks?

Because the infrared ink marked cards are different from invisible ink cards and barcode marked decks. It only works for poker cheating cameras with infrared lenses. That is to say, the poker perspective system and poker scanning system are not suitable for you to read marked poker cards with infrared ink. You can read nothing on the back of poker unless you use the special IR cameras. You can get clear visibility of back markings in special ink that show on the phone, TV, computer, laptop, and other things.

chandelier with long distance focus lens

People already know the secret of winning with contact lenses marked deck

When more and more people used contact lenses marked cards, the secret of their victory had revealed. So a growing number of poker players embark on applying marked cards poker in the games. In the same game, there are likely to be multiple people using the same cheating card lenses to peek into other people's marked deck of cards. To guarantee your absolute edge at the poker game, our infrared ink marked cards are the best choice for you.

smoke alarm with focus lens for infrared marked cards

Infrared marked cards have extremely high security and perfect practicality

Here, we have the world-class and top-quality infrared ink cards for you. Utterly invisible to our nude human eyes, infrared contact lenses, poker cheating sunglasses, and poker scanners, our one-to-one infrared marked cards feature extremely high security and perfect practicality. Both of infrared ink cards and infrared poker cheating scanner are fully available.

360 degree rotation infrared camera lens

Barcode Marked Cards

Using barcode marked deck of cards and poker analyzer scanning system, you will know the winners of Texas Holdem and Omaha in seconds.

Dynamic Lamp Scanner Camera In Big Scanning Range

Poker Shuffler Camera to Read Barcode Marked Cards

In the beginning, manufactures were used to process playing cards with segment code. The popularity of barcode marked playing cards gave rise to the extensive use of poker card analyzer system. However, the disadvantage of marked cards with segment code troubled many players. Because the side code was difficult for playing card scanner to detect and analyze, which slowed the whole working speed and increased the entire working time of poker analyzer cheat.

After thousands of attempts, cyclic code marked decks were launched. This kind of barcode marked cards has been the best-marked cards for poker cheating scanners by so far. Since its cyclic code are much easier to read clearly.

What's more, barcode marked cards are compatible with all generations' poker analyzer systems and all kinds of scanner cameras. As long as the scanning distance between edge code marked deck and scanner is within the limit range, players and magicians can take advantage of poker phone analyzer well. Same as other types of marked cards, it is attainable to made different material playing cards into barcode marked cards for poker analyzing system.

As the professional supplier and manufacturer of barcode marked cards, our processed barcode decks keep the original color, shapes, and even touch feeling. The code marked decks keep the best barcode effect as long as one or two years. No matter how many time shuffling and dealing, their edge codes are still on the four poker sides completely and thoroughly.

Quality Marked Cards for Sale

When players purchase marked cards for sale, most of them will focus on the price. Their first question is always, "how much are they?" All people want to buy high-quality goods at a low price. But actually, price is concerned with the quality. As an old saying goes, Different prices, different qualities. It is the law of eternity.

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Bee No.77 US Marked Playing Cards for Poker Cheating

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In our company, all playing cards are marked with high-quality luminous ink. The marks can last for a long time. And they are evident when players wear infrared contact lenses or poker sunglasses. You can see the marks even if you stand several meters away. And marked poker cards for scanner have precise barcodes so that the analyzer can read it very quickly and accurately. But if the barcode is very obscure, the phone analyzer may report the wrong results. That will make you lose more money.

Besides high-quality ink, all our poker decks are imported from their countries of origin. After processing the procedure, the marked decks still look the same as the original cards. Players won’t see the marking on the cards under any light unless they use the special poker cheat devices.

Moreover, our technical staffs are experienced and professional. They know different marked cards need different marking ways. They know how to mark the cards that can be clearer and last longer. So even if other companies use the same ink and cards with us, the marked cards are still different quality.

Our company is a professional poker supplier. Our marked cards for sale are very high-quality, which can significantly increase players’ winning odds in poker card gambling.

People will never stop pursuing perfect marked cards. Our online shopping mall is testing more high-tech cheating methods and also developing more advanced marked cards. Welcome to follow us if you are looking for new products or latest information about marked cards.

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