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How Do You Mark A Card in Poker?

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How do you mark a card in poker? It has been a hot issue in all these years among poker players. Although there are many articles of this type on the Internet, they are always too one-sided. However, this article will be answered as a technician with many years of experience in marking playing cards. Therefore, in addition to teaching you skills, this article will also show your profession. We all know that each country's gaming culture is different. Thus, marking poker is an art and requires practice. You must have heard many marking methods before. But did they really work? In fact, marking methods will also be adapted to local conditions, and different ways will have a different effect. 

Marking a card with an invisible ink pen kit is the most popular way I have heard. Because we being asked how to mark cards with a pen every day, it seems easy to operate, especially when you can't offer the cards or change the cards in a casino game, but it also a noticeable method that will eventually get you caught. And why? Invisible ink we apply to mark cards is not transparent, as many suppliers said. To be honest, it can be a different color for different cards. Therefore, one ink pen can't meet your requirement to mark the various poker. If you choose the wrong ink pen, the marks are readable to your naked eyes. Although this approach looks tempting, it is not feasible.

As skillful marked playing cards staff, we would recommend the second way that marks a poker with invisible ink via professional machine. However, the premise is that you can change marked cards in advance. As we mentioned above, signal type luminous ink can't work on various playing cards. That is the reason for the existence of the technician! To ensure that the ink and poker surface will have a good chemical reaction, that means the markings can't be read with your eyes. It is essential that research on playing cards before marking, which contains color, back pattern, material, and so on. After completing this preliminary work, you can adjust the best mixing ink for different poker. However, in the process of marking playing cards, environmental factors are also particularly important, like humidity in the air clean environment. When you take these factors into account, invisible ink cards will be clean and non-sticky. Therefore, no matter of touch-feeling or appearance, those mark poker will be the same as original playing cards. By the way, with this marking method, you can mark a card for different cheating devices. Such as infrared contact lenses and sunglasses, IR cameras, or poker scanner systems, and so on. 

how to mark poker cards

The last way is quite traditional, but it is also widely circulated. You can change the playing cards' physical characteristics to improve its recognition. To some extent, this may be the only way you can be effective prevention and control the effect on poker by yourself. However, the only flaw is the marks are visible to your eyes if you stare at the cards carefully. There are mainly five marking ways: dot, strip, long or short line, hieroglyphics, and color. Markings are along the top margin of the back pattern. The changing of the left part stands for the suit of cards while. The number or suit of the card will be hidden directly in the back pattern. Those cards are called ultimate marked decks. In the meanwhile, they are not suitable for fast-paced players. Contact us Marked Cards Mall to get a specific marking card tutorial.  

In conclusion, we have many methods to mark a card in poker, but you always can find the most suitable one to meet your requirement. Each way can't avoid risks, and please choose the best one if you want to try.


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